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How and where do you want
to store and link your data?

Sharepoint Online

is a cloud service in the Office 365 assortment. As an integrated collaboration solution, all application possibilities in the company are open to you.

  • Use SharePoint as a complete intranet on which the most important documents and information are stored centrally.

  • Extend the internal flow of information and use SharePoint as a social network, content management system (CMS) or as an information platform for your customers.

  • Microsoft SharePoint is included in Office 365 for free.

  • Store all outgoing Dynamics 365 Business Central documents directly in SharePoint.

Azure Files

is a cloud service that allows you to use file shares in the cloud without being responsible for managing a physical server or device.

  • Mount your file shares in local environments (even in Windows Explorer).

  • Data is accessible worldwide

  • Huge file shares up to 10 terabytes

  • Embedding file shares under Windows, macOS and Linux

Azure Blob Storage

is a cloud service in Azure that can be used to store large amounts of unstructured data securely and for the long term.

  • Suitable for all types of data such as images, videos or audio files

  • All files can be accessed worldwide from the browser

  • Supports streaming of audio or video files

  • Backup, redundancy, recovery as well as disaster recovery capabilities

  • Best suited for archiving data

  • High scalability and high availability

  • Authentication with Azure Active Directory and role-based access control 

How customers can use our app:

  • Save space in Business Central with digital storage

  • Out- or incoming documents can be stored directly in SharePoint Online

  • Manage big files in master data directly in Azure Blob Storage and assure high availability
    (e.g.  videos, CAD models or product brochures)

  • Synchronize your file storage at the customer, vendor, contact and/or item card locally with Azure Files

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