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Link your ERP data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to your Sharepoint Online, Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage to store
your files in the cloud.

Manage your vendor, customer, asset, service item, and item files in the SharePoint Online. 

Use the Office 365 product suite fully integrated with our Beyond Cloud Connector.


Store big files (up to 100 GB) directly from
Business Central in the Azure Blob Storage.


Drag & Drop

- Simply drag the files from your desktop to the Dropzone. Drop them to upload the files to the cloud storage.

- You can upload single files or libaries with multiple files. 

- Even multi-gigabyte files can be uploaded by the Beyond Cloud Connector.

- Do you want to store emails from Outlook? Well, that's supported, too.

3 Connectors offer Maximal Flexibility

- You want to store files on item cards in Azure Blob Storage? 

- In addition, you want to store customer related files in Azure Files?

- Moreover, your outgoing invoices should be stored in Sharepoint Online?

Our solution offers you maximal flexibility.

It's up to you if you want to store everything in SharePoint Online or individually according to use case. You can use all three connectors flexibly.

File Preview in your Browser

- View your files directly in business Central without any delay.

- Don't waste your time downloading the files.

- Easily print or save your PDF files from the preview.

CC 3 Connectoren Feature-output.gif

Merge and edit PDF files

- Do you want to summarize multiple quotes in one PDF file?

- Do you want to send your order confirmation together with your general terms and conditions?

- The integrated merge functionality allows you to merge and edit PDFs as you wish


- Add metadata to your outgoing documents from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

- Metadata is a key to sucess in knowledge-oriented SharePoint projects

- Organize and search documents thanks to flexible metadata management in Business Central

Search across all files

- Perform targeted searches using metadata in the fully integrated file search in the Beyond Cloud Connector

- Concatenate your search words and increase your hit rate

- Jump instantly to the found files or records in Business Central 

CC Dateisuche-output.gif
CC Merge-output.gif

User-based permission

- Grant access to the Beyond Cloud Connector per user.

- Decide whether your users are allowed to display the file share and thus can use it.


- The zone for the file upload can be integrated in a variety of important overviews and cards.

- The dropzone can be used on the following cards and overviews:

- Customer Card

- Vendor Card

- Item Card

- Contact Card

- Sales Header

- Purchase Header

- Sales Shipment Header

- Sales Invoice Header

- Sales Credit Memo Header

- Purchase Receipt Header

- Purchase Invoice Header

- Purchase Cr. Memo Header
- Posted Assembly Header

- Production Ordner

- Service Header

- Service Item Card

- Service Shipment Header

- Service Invoice Header

- Service Cr. Memo Header

- Return Shipment Header

- Return Receipt Header

Report Archive

- Specify which reports are to be filed automatically

- Select table 112 "Sales Invoice Header" to automatically store all posted invoices in the defined report design. The posted invoices are uploaded in the background to the cloud storage as PDF files.

- Selected evaluations such as item statistics, vendor lists or sales reports can also be filed automatically.

CC Metadaten-output.gif
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